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The Oil Lounge Educators

Sherry Macias 

Certified Aromatherapist &

Young Living Distributor


In April 2018, an unexpected blessing and new passion came my way when I walked into my first Young Living workshop. I knew nothing about this world.  I met a community of vibrant ladies. I heard powerful ways essential oils helped their health and wellness.   I had just recently moved to socal from norcal where I grew up and had a thriving career in global tech marketing.  My new husband Ray and I were active, fit, working, traveling and running hard in a life we loved.  One problem, our bodies weren't keeping up!  Our health started throwing us red flags and suddenly we were collecting doctor visits and prescriptions - yuck!    One day, I refused a prescription from a doctor, and my new passion was born.  I didn't know how yet, but I was determined to find a natural ways to fix and strengthen our bodies naturally from the inside out. My goal was longevity.  Fast forward a year - with our daily regiment of oils and supplements we've ditched most doctor visits, and all prescriptions.    Then I found another passion - sharing!  Nothing makes my heart happier than helping others who are dealing with stuff and want to do the same.  

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