New Year Wellness

Whether you are cuddling up under a comfy blanket with tea on a cold winter day or enjoying the sunshine during this season, we all have one thing in common: NEW YEAR'S DAY! The weather may be different, but it is a new year for everyone, and that means a chance for NEW BEGINNINGS.

You don't have to be a New Year's resolution type of person to decide this year is YOUR year to take back your health. Join thousands of us as we dedicate 2019 to a healthy lifestyle using Young Living products. Make it YOUR mission to use one of your Young Living Products EVERY SINGLE DAY and to try one new product every month this year to see how your life and health transform. If you are not already a Young Living Member learn how to become one and our favorite way to get started with THE PREMIUM STARTER KIT Learn More

We met Laura Van Tyne a few years ago at one of our Oily education classes. We could tell right away that we were going to have a lasting friendship. Shortly after Laura introduced us to Tina. WOW! Dynamic duo, we could listen to their stories ALL day long. We are thrilled they reached out to us and are referring us to their listeners as your Oily Educators. We take this very seriously and assure that our team members feel 100% comfortable with how to use ANY of the over 600 Young Living Products. Want to get a glimpse of the education we provide? Go over to our FaceBook group The Oil Lounge and check it out. This group is for our team members, but we are happy to let you join for the month and get a taste off what we offer.

Tina Erwin's Bug Spray

In an effort to avoid bug bites and insect-borne diseases like Zika, West Nile, Keystone Virus, and Lyme disease, you may turn to products containing DEET. Although the synthetic compound’s been in use for more than 40 years, researchers point out that it may pose some harmful side effects. What if we told you, you may have luck using 100% Pure Essential Oils. Tina's daughter did! And on her trip she was the only one in the group that wasn't taken over by creepy crawlers! Enjoy, let us know how you like it!

Get your digestive system on the right track!

Life 9 probiotic: Get a one month supply of Life 9 FREE THIS MONTH* when you place a 190 PV order. Full body health starts with a healthy gut. A probiotic with live cultures is a great way to make sure your digestive system has all the healthy bacteria it needs to absorb the good nutrients and function optimally! Life 9 has 17 billion live cultures from nine beneficial bacteria strains!

Have kids? Check out the Kidscents MightyPro for your kids. A Pre & Probiotic that tastes like candy! My Kids LOVE these. They call them their Pixy Sticks.

DiGize Vitality: FREE 5 ml bottle THIS MONTH* when you place a 100 PV order on Essential Rewards! It is a blend of oils that includes ginger and fennel, which makes it a great complement to the Life 9 supplement to support your digestive system.

Healthy food for a healthy life.

Einkorn Rotini Pasta. Today's conventional food is overly processed and lacks nutrients. Take a look at all the food and snack options Young Living offers and STOCK YOUR CABINETS! Ordering Young Living food is such an easy way to put healthy and nutritious food in your hands every single day.

This month's YL Promos are perfect for your New Year's goals.

Hear The Oil Lounge on the Karmic Path at Transformation Talk Radio on January 24th. Look forward to connecting with you!

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