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February The Oil Lounge Newsletter

Well Hello, February!

February is often looked at as the month of love, with a major focus on Valentine’s Day. While it can be fun to celebrate this romanticized day, it’s also a great opportunity to practice some self-care! Here are some ways you can put yourself in the spotlight this month…



You may have heard or received an email that our upline leader, Debbie Erickson, is offering our organization a free 30 pack of NingXia Red ($90.50 value) for everyone that orders a 4 pack of bottles of NingXia Red ($136).

I can’t stress how VERY GENEROUS this is of her.

If you participate you need to email her to show proof of purchase and she will send you the box of 30.

I would recommend getting the NingXia Red Essential Rewards bundle ($194.50) on subscribe and save, as it is always the best deal for NingXia Red! For $58.50 more than the 4 pack you’ll get:

• 4 bottles of NingXia Red • another box of 30 on top of Debbie’s promotion • 5ml of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil • a 10% off coupon for a new member • free shipping • 5ml of One Heart Essential Oil

This is REALLY VERY SWEET of Debbie and likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. She really loves NingXia Red! So do !!!!

Here’s a great video of the benefit of Ningxia Red on your red blood cells. SEEING IS BELIEVING

Please let me know if you have any questions. Offer is for the month of February ONLY.


Product SpotLight

If you like the benefits of Stress Away and Peace & Calming, you will love the Tranquil Roll-On! It’s a sweet little blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile.

Tranquil has a soothing aroma that creates a calming, serene, and peaceful experience. So any time you just feel like you need to relax and ground yourself, grab this roller and apply it to your wrists, temples, neck, or behind your ears. Combat that occasional stress in a healthy way! You can even use this blend before bed to encourage relaxation and a restful night of sleep.


Hormone Health Cheat Sheet

Not sure where to start when it comes to supporting healthy hormones?

Check out these suggestions and learn more with the individual spotlights linked below.

The endocrine system is a network of glands throughout the body that make hormones - insulin, thyroid hormone, cortisol, sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) and more.

The hormones made in the endocrine system are responsible for almost every cell, organ, and function in the body.

Adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones work in a cycle together.

Thyroid hormone affects sex hormones. Adrenal hormones affect thyroid hormones.

Sex hormones affect adrenal hormones.

So when one part of the cycle is out of balance, there are consequences for the entire endocrine system.


The adrenal glands are located just above the kidneys and are known for the 'fight or flight' response.

This response is natural and necessary.

It protects us when in high stress situations (like running from a lion), but the constant stress of daily life often keeps our adrenals on overdrive.

Stress: try CortiStop, EndoFlex Vitality, NingXia Red and Super B

The thyroid gland performs a myriad of tasks in the body.

It regulates metabolism, energy, body temperature, and hormone production which impacts just about every other body system in some way.

Thyroid support is always important, but it is especially so for women aged 25-45 and before/during/after pregnancy.

Thyroid: try Thyromin, NingXia Red, and EndoFlex


Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone play a huge role in our overall health - everything from reproduction to muscle tone to mood to energy levels.

Chronic stress, improper nutrition, low vitamin D levels, an unhealthy gut balance and yeast overgrowth can all negatively affect estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Low estrogen: try FemiGen, Clary Sage, and EndoFlex

Low progesterone: try Progessence Plus, FemiGen and EndoFlex

Men’s hormone health: try PowerGize, Idaho Blue Spruce, and NingXia Red

Overall hormone balance (estrogen/progesterone/testosterone): try Progessence Plus, EndoGize,

NingXia Red and Super B


When estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are out of balance, it can cause some pretty uncomfortable symptoms during the monthly cycle.

Other factors for painful periods include overall inflammation and even dietary sensitivities.

This topic is multifactorial, but here are a few options when it comes to balancing and supporting menstrual cycles.

Hormonal tension: try Clary Sage, EndoGize, and Golden Turmeric

Fertility support: try Progessence Plus, EndoGize, and NingXia Red

Menstrual support (PMS, cramping, etc.): try Progessence Plus, EndoGize, Golden Turmeric and NingXia Red

Menopause: try FemiGen, Clary Sage, and Golden Turmeric

Uterine tissue support: try Progessence Plus, Golden Turmeric, and CortiStop (intermittently)


Monthly Gifts with Purchase

When your order hits one of these PV levels you will receive the corresponding products for FREE! Look at everything you get for free when you hit 300 PV!

*Receive the Subscription Exclusives when your order is placed through the monthly subscription program, which is the best way to save money and support your health. If you need more details on this, let me know!

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